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Station installation and relocation

In the dynamic landscape of the robotics industry, station installation and relocation are pivotal processes. Maybe you bought a new or pre-owned robotic station? Or you need the current one somewhere else? If you looked for ways of how to install or relocate a robotic station, you probably saw all the factors at play. They all fall into a few categories:

  • Moving/relocating
  • Electrical setup
  • Mechanical setup
  • Robot setup
  • Commissioning and production start-up

For all mentioned, we have a team member who is experienced and willing to help you. If it’s a relocation, we will ensure a flawless transition from one site to another, followed by a swift production start-up. If it Is a new station, we will take care of everything you need for a reliable, safe and highly productive production line.

We treat your systems as our own, so you can rest assured of optimal positioning, configuration, and integration. We adhere to the highest industry standards with special focus on workers’ safety and business productivity. Let’s build the future of automated production lines together.

Questions we get asked the most

Can I hire you for any individual service listed above?
Yes, we can provide individual services as well, but we advise that it’s best when one company is taking care of the entire system.
Where do you operate?
Our offices are in Serbia, but we are available for hire world-wide.
Where can I find out more about the projects you completed?
Navigate to our projects section to learn who trusts us with their production systems.
What are my next steps if I want to hire you?
Reach out to us via the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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