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Increasing productivity & reshaping industries

By removing the monotonous and unsafe tasks from production lines where humans are involved. We are robot automation experts recognized by global industry leaders.

Services Based on cutting-edge technology and unrivaled knowledge

We create the perfect synergy between humans and robots for the sake of enhanced safety and maximum productivity of your businesses. 

With over a decade of relentless commitment to innovation, our team understands that no production system is the same. That’s why we focus on adapting our services and fostering transparency to match our clients’ needs, thus forging enduring partnerships that outlast any project. From basic programming to complete system development, we guarantee that you will get maximum productivity and enhanced safety of all production processes.

About usA decade-long journey of young engineers with a clear vision

We believe that the evolution of mankind owes much to the seamless synergy between us, humans, and machines we created. Through a careful connection between us and robots – the machines that we created, we enhance company productivity, help workers stay safe and pave the way for innovative and dynamic manufacturing processes.


About usBuilt by passionate
young engineers
with a clear mission

Roboprogram stands as an innovative force in industrial robotics, automation, and mechanical design. Exceling in the international market by providing cutting-edge programming services for industrial robots and fostering strong client relationships that earned recognition of leading industrial robot manufacturers.

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TrainingImprove your skills and optimize your production through automation

From basic system introduction, commands, movement types, coordinate systems, I/O management, and logic functions to advanced robot programming training focused on process-specific functions.

advanced robot programming training course - roboprogram


What are your skills and interests? Where do you want to grow and develop? Explore positions and start your Roboprogram story.

ClientsWe are trusted by worldwide brands

ContactsStart building tomorrow's solution today. Let's
succeed together.

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Jelke Ređep 13
21203 Veternik, Serbia


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