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CareersYour Roboprogram story

We stand as an innovative force in industrial robotics, automation, and mechanical design. Exceling in the international market by providing cutting-edge programming services for industrial robots is how we live every day. We are building a future where humans and robots collaborate harmoniously for the sake of enhanced safety and improved productivity. That’s our story. Let’s integrate yours into it and succeed together.

TechnologyOur technology of choice

We offer a range of automation solutions utilizing cutting-edge technology from world-leading brands

CareersFind the job that fits you

Every job is different. What are your skills and interests? Where do you want to grow and develop? Explore the options below.

Robot programmer

Proficient in coding, maintaining, and optimizing robotic systems. Skilled in troubleshooting technical issues, ensuring seamless automation, and driving efficiency in daily operations. Develop and implement automation solutions that enhance productivity and reduce downtime.

PLC programmer

Install and repair industrial electronic equipment including I/O networks, data highways, variable speed drives, process control equipment, and write PLC programs for a wide variety of automated control systems ranging from simple on-off control to robotics. 

Mechanical designer

Responsible for translating conceptual ideas into tangible and functional mechanical designs, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to create robots that meet performance, safety, and budgetary requirements. Essential for bringing robotic systems to life and ensuring their efficiency and reliability in various applications.

Electrical designer

Playing a key role in shaping the intelligence, functionality, and safety of robotic systems through the design and implementation of their electrical components and systems. Responsibilities span various aspects of electrical engineering and include Electrical Circuit Design, Component Selection, Integration with Mechanical Systems, Power Distribution and others.

ValuesWhat we practice every day

We foster a culture of continuous improvement.

We strive to be a steadfast partner and colleague. 

We believe that transparent and principled conduct is fundamental. 

We embrace challenges with a creative mindset in finding innovative solutions

We conduct ourselves with respect, courtesy, and a commitment to excellent service. 

We approach challenges with determination and resilience. 

What we don't do

  • Micromanaging 
  • Closed-door policies 
  • Ignoring work-life balance 
  • Communicating poorly 
  • Being irresponsible 
  • Halting progress 
  • Undermining team values 

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