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PLC Programming

PLC programming is a fundamental aspect of our services at Roboprogram, where we blend innovative technology with in-depth industry knowledge to improve your production processes. As a small team of recognized industry experts, we’re passionate about forging a future where humans and industrial robots coexist harmoniously, driving unparalleled safety for workers and unmatched productivity for our clients. 

The brain of every industrial robot system and the backbone of entire industrial automation is the PLC. If that brain is taught well, it’s guaranteed that the system will live up to its peak potential. That is why our team pays special attention to gathering the right information about your process and then inputting it into the PLC in the correct way. Whether the demand is in Ladder Logic or Structured Text programming, we can offer both the: 

  1. on-site optimization and hardware integration for PLC programming in real-time or 
  2. offline PLC programming using simulation tools for hardware development and functionality enhancement. 

Why choose us: 

  • We can work on your system without interrupting your operations. 
  • With safe offline software development, you can be sure there will be no expensive faults in real-time. 
  • We will set up everything – from monitoring run-time data to automatic process initiation and fault detection. 
  • Even after the project is completed, we are there to help you navigate the complexities of industrial automation. 

We ‘ve worked on PLCs for a decade, and now stand ready to create PLC programs from scratch, tailored to meet all your production and process demands – starting from production support to process and cycle time optimization. Let’s shape the future together and make your production line safer, more productive, and ready for the challenges of tomorrow.  Let’s succeed together.

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Questions about PLC Programming we get asked the most

To gather relevant information for improving your production line, we take the time to learn the process at hand so that we can teach the robot and PLC the exact needed information.

Our experts specialize in both Ladder Logic and Structured Text.

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Jelke Ređep 13
21203 Veternik, Serbia

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