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Robot programming training

TrainingImprove your skills and optimize your production through automation

From basics like commands, movement types, coordinate systems, I/O management, and logic functions to advanced robot programming training focused on process-specific functions.

robotics station installation and relocation - roboprogram

Expert guidance

You will get the best advice first hand as our instructors have extensive experience in programming industrial robots.

Practical experience

A combination of excellent practical exercises with theoretical knowledge on the industrial robot and its peripherals.


After completing the training, you will receive a certificate confirming your competence in robot programming.

Official ABB partnersPartnership for
the future growth

Since 2015 we joined ABB network of channel partners that enhance ABB’s market reach and proximity. At the same time, it enables each customer to select the most suitable path to access ABB’s offering.

basic robot programming training course - roboprogram

Basic robot programming

Basic robot programming training covers system introduction, commands, movement types, coordinate systems, I/O management, and logic functions for ABB, Kuka, and Yaskawa robots.

Advanced and process specific robot programming - roboprogram

Advanced and process specific robot programming 

Advanced robot programming training focuses on process-specific functions, optimizing process quality, and enabling effective robot-equipment communication for tasks like arc welding, spot welding, handling, dispensing, palletization, and deburring.