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Welding stationArc Cell Raw RT 5A 300 2P

Our welding solution presents a seamless blend of precision, efficiency, and safety. With a range of features and specifications designed to enhance usability and adaptability, it caters to a broad spectrum of applications, paving the way for the future of welding technology. Experience the epitome of welding innovation with our comprehensive turnkey solution. 

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Accompanied by a versatile five-axis positioner featuring dual workstations, it optimizes flexibility and productivity. Complementing this, a torch cleaning station with wire cutting capabilities ensures seamless maintenance.  

Separate zones for preparation and welding allow for safer operations. A dual-entry design facilitates easy access for operators and maintenance personnel. Sturdy floor mounts guarantee stability during operations, while a 2-meter-high fence with a shield replacement opening ensures safety and accessibility. Integrated laser curtains and safety protocols prioritize a secure work environment. Efficient cable management, minimal space requirements, and integration capabilities with various robot models further solidify its adaptability. The package is complete with comprehensive welding equipment, meeting all your welding needs efficiently and effectively. Applications of this welding solution, following the provided order, are as follows:

  • Construction
  • Metal Pipes
  • Automotive Industry
  • Arc Welding
  • Industrial Welding
  • MIG/MAG Welding
  • TIG Welding

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