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Welding stationArc Cell – RT 300 / H 1500 

This robotic welding station provides a versatile and efficient solution for your welding needs. It features a robotic arm with a controller for precise manipulation of the welding torch. Unlike the other three welding stations, this system offers a combination of flexibility and control: a three-axis positioner with two workstations allows for complex weld paths, while a single-axis positioner with two additional workstations handles simpler welds. To maintain consistent weld quality and minimize downtime, the station includes a dedicated torch-cleaning station equipped with wire-cutting functionality. Harness this cutting-edge welding innovation for your workspace today.

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With its advanced design, this robotic welding station stresses both efficiency and operator safety. It has separate preparation and work zones, allowing operators to load and unload parts while the robot welds, resulting in higher productivity. For ease of access, the station boasts a two-entrance design, with dedicated entry points for each work area. Floor-mounted supports provide a sturdy foundation for heavy machinery elements.

A robust 2-meter-high opaque enclosure with a designated opening for safe torch replacement and an integrated laser curtain further enhances safety protocols. The station also features a conveniently located central utility point for easy access to power and utilities. To maintain a clean and organized workspace, all cabling (power, grounding, and communication) is neatly concealed within channels.

This compact system requires minimal floor space, making it ideal for even space-constrained environments. The station offers future flexibility with its multi-robot compatibility, allowing for potential upgrades or integration with different robotic models. Finally, it’s a turnkey solution – a complete and pre-programmed system ready for immediate operation, minimizing setup time and maximizing production efficiency. Applications of this welding solution, following the provided order, are as follows:

  • Construction
  • Metal pipes
  • Automotive industry
  • Electric arc welding
  • Industrial welding
  • MIG/MAG welding
  • TIG welding

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